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Premier Total Care Club

Empower Yourself. Protect Your Investment.

Secure peace of mind with proactive care, twice a year


Ensure system safety and efficiency with:

  • Compressor voltage and amp draw test
  • Motor lubrication and inspection
  • Refrigerant pressure monitoring and leak checks
  • Check electrical connection and controls
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Ensure plumbing and drain system reliability with:

  • Visual video inspection using underground camera
  • Inspection and testing of toilets, showers, sinks,
    and faucets
  • Testing emergency shut-offs and valves
  • Inspect all visible piping and outdoor spigots
  • Examination of water heater components


Ensure electrical safety and functionality with:

  • Inspect/Label Main breaker
  • Testing GFCI devices
  • Panel inspection
  • Proper sizing of disconnects and fuses
  • Compliance check for smoke and CO2 detectors
  • Testing of lighting fixtures and controls

Premier Total Care Club Membership Rates

$15.99 Per Month

This includes HVAC, Plumbing And Electrical

Your Home, Our Priority: 5-Star Care Guaranteed!

Enjoy Priority Service, VIP Treatment and Reduce Your Home Maintenance Costs

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Premier Total Care Club Member Benefits:

  • Personalized Attention
  • Smart Savings
  • Priority Treatment
  • Exclusive Privileges
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